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  • Exxon greenlights green diesel in Canada

Exxon greenlights green diesel in Canada

and Freeport restarting (soon?), DOE investing in biofuels, and CCS for Asian Steel

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Here's what we have for you today:

  • DOE investing $118mm in biofuel projects

  • Exxon greenlights green diesel in Canada

  • Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi and Exxon partner for CCS in Asia

  • Freeport LNG gets FERC approval to begin restart process...sort of

  • Step aside Jerome, it's now time for the DOE's money printer

  • The US Department of Energy (DOE) will allocate $118 million to 17 projects aimed at expanding US biofuels production.

  • The funding is aimed at accelerating the production of biofuels made from biomass, including agricultural waste, soybean oil and animal fats.

  • The funds are in addition to the over $500 million the DOE has invested in bioenergy and biorefinery R&D over the past two years.

  • The Biden administration has stated that biofuels will be needed to lower emissions, including in the aircraft industry with lower-carbon sustainable aviation fuel.

  • Exxon's affiliate, Imperial Oil Ltd, is dropping $560 million on the largest renewable diesel facility in Canada.

  • This bad boy's gonna be pumping out 20,000 barrels of renewable diesel per day and it's all coming from locally sourced feedstocks.

  • This project is gonna help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada's transportation sector by a whopping 3 million metric tons per year.

  • The facility will be using low-carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and storage technology and it's all part of Exxon's plan to invest $17 bn in lower-emission initiatives by 2027.

  • Not only will this facility help Canada meet low emission fuel standards, but it's also gonna create 600 direct construction jobs and hundreds more through investments by business partners.

  • Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Corp, and Exxon teaming up to study carbon capture and storage in Asia Pacific

  • Gonna look into capturing CO2 emissions from Nippon Steel's steel plants and evaluate infrastructure needs

  • Aiming to create value chains for carbon capture and storage in the region, with a focus on countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia

  • Nippon Steel wants to implement CCS to hit their 2050 carbon neutral goal

  • Mitsubishi Corp evaluating overseas CO2 transportation and CCS value chain development

  • ExxonMobil bringing scalable, lower-emission tech to the Asia Pacific region to reduce emissions

  • The demand for green steel still sits above alternative CCS use cases like green cement

  • Freeport LNG, the second biggest US liquified natural gas exporter, got the green light from federal regulators to start early steps to restart its fire-idled LNG export plant in Texas.

  • The company has not yet sought permission to restart the liquefaction trains that turn natural gas into LNG for export. That resumption of LNG production will have to come in a later request with federal regulators.

  • Energy analysts predict most of the plant's production to remain off line until March or later.

  • The plant shut down after a pipeline explosion on June 8, 2022, and was barred from resuming production until federal regulators completed an extensive safety review and approved resulting changes.

  • The facility can draw in around 2.1 bcfd of gas when operating at full capacity.

  • The outage forced big customers like JERA and Osaka Gas to book hundreds of millions of losses. Other big buyers include BP, TotalEnergies and SK E&S.

  • It's expected that the plant returning to service should be bullish for natural gas. Much needed for US producers today.

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