New energy ventures

with Chesapeake's Jim Grant

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This episode feature’s Chesapeake Energy’s Jim Grant

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The conversation covers topics such as the office setup, Jim Grant's career path, Chesapeake's focus on new energy ventures, exploration of CCS and geothermal technologies, advantages of CCS in Louisiana, exploration of geothermal technologies, geothermal as a battery and its commercial potential, and Raj Mistry's perspective on energy transition. In this conversation, Jim Grant discusses the potential of nuclear energy and its role in addressing climate change. He emphasizes the need for dense and reliable energy sources to meet the growing demand for power. The conversation also explores the global energy transition and the challenges and opportunities in the exploration and investment space. The role of risk and consolidation in the industry is discussed, along with the importance of taking risks and fostering innovation. The cyclical nature of the energy market is highlighted, and the conversation concludes with a focus on openness to new ideas and technologies.


Chesapeake’s new energy ventures focus, with a particular emphasis on CCS and geothermal technologies.

CCS projects in Louisiana offer advantages due to the existing infrastructure, CO2 pipelines, and industrial demand for blue products.

Geothermal technologies, including closed-loop systems and repurposing gas wells, show promise for generating reliable and sustainable power.

Geothermal technologies can also be used as long-duration energy storage, providing a solution for the growing energy storage market.

Oil and gas companies should consider investing in SMR technologies in nuclear as a key component of clean and reliable energy. Nuclear energy has the potential to play a significant role in addressing climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Dense and reliable energy sources are essential to meet the increasing demand for power.

The global energy transition presents both challenges and opportunities in the exploration and investment space.

Taking risks and fostering innovation are crucial for the future of the energy industry.


00:00 Introduction and Office Setup

02:28 Jim Grant's Background and Career Path

06:15 Chesapeake’s New Energy Ventures Focus

09:09 Exploration of CCS and Geothermal Technologies

18:21 Advantages of CCS in Louisiana

26:14 Exploration of Geothermal Technologies

34:20 Geothermal as a Battery and Commercial Potential

43:54 Sage's EarthStore Technology and Long Duration Energy Storage

50:41 Raj Mistry's Perspective on Energy Transition

52:57 The Potential of Nuclear Energy

56:09 The Need for Dense and Reliable Energy Sources

58:12 The Global Energy Transition

01:00:37 Exploration and Investment Opportunities

01:04:04 The Role of Risk and Consolidation in the Industry

01:09:17 Taking Risks and Innovation

01:12:34 The Cyclical Nature of the Energy Market

01:13:23 Openness to New Ideas and Technologies

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