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Private equity's role in energy transition

with Nader Daylami

Good Morning. This is Sunya Stories. The podcast series covering conversations with those in energy.

Our latest episode features ESGEN’s Nader Daylami

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AI-generated show notes:

AI-generated show notes:


The conversation covers various topics related to the energy transition and private equity in the sector. It starts with a discussion on the cost of living in New York compared to Houston. The conversation then transitions to Nader's background in oil and gas and his shift to the energy transition sector. The challenges and opportunities in the energy transition sector are explored, including the need for strong management teams. The conversation also touches on the potential for private equity to play a role in the energy transition and the types of deals that could be pursued. The importance of nature-based projects and finding quality deals in the sector are also discussed. The conversation explores various opportunities and challenges in the climate tech industry. It discusses the potential for consolidation in carbon offset marketplaces and the roll-up strategy for venture-backed climate tech startups. The conversation also highlights the structural opportunity in residential solar and the power procurement needs for AI data centers and EV fleet charging. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the need for expertise, scalability, and a deep understanding of the market dynamics in order to succeed in the climate tech sector.


  • The cost of living in New York is higher than Houston, but the value for money is lower.

  • The energy transition sector offers opportunities for private equity investment, but it requires strong management teams.

  • Private equity can play a role in consolidating and scaling businesses in the energy transition sector.

  • Nature-based projects and businesses with growth potential are attractive investment opportunities in the energy transition sector. There is potential for consolidation in carbon offset marketplaces, especially in the nature-based credits sector.

  • Venture-backed climate tech startups may benefit from a roll-up strategy instead of shutting down, allowing for the acquisition of distressed companies and consolidation of resources.

  • Residential solar presents a structural opportunity with low penetration rates and the potential for acquiring distressed installers.

  • Power procurement for AI data centers and EV fleet charging are specialized businesses with significant growth potential.


00:00 Introduction and Cost of Living in New York

03:21 Transition from Oil and Gas to Energy Transition

11:21 Exit of Bruin and Next Steps

18:05 Challenges in Energy Transition and Opportunities

23:59 Discussion on Private Equity Approach in Energy Transition

32:04 Opportunities in Nature-Based Projects

34:33 Finding Quality Deals in Energy Transition

36:37 Opportunity in Venture-Backed Climate Tech

38:01 Consolidation in Carbon Offset Marketplaces

39:34 Roll-Up Strategy for Climate Tech Startups

40:27 Long Duration Storage Technologies

41:46 Residential Solar as a Structural Opportunity

43:27 Power Procurement for AI Data Centers

44:09 Power Procurement for EV Fleet Charging

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