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Return of the king: Steve Trauber's energy encore

Steve Trauber returns from retirement to lead the Moelis energy banking group

Good Morning. This is Sunya Stories. The podcast series covering conversations with those in energy.

This episode features Steve Trauber.

He’s a legend in the energy investment banking world and now back as Managing Director and the Chairman and Global Head of Energy and Clean Technology at Moelis & Company.

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AI-generated show notes:

Sunya Stories Episode #5 with Stephen (Steve) Trauber


In this conversation, Steve Trauber discusses his background in banking and his return to the industry after retirement. He reflects on his time in the energy sector and the rise of shale plays. Trauber also shares his insights on the current state of the energy industry, including the need for consolidation and the challenges faced by smaller companies. He emphasizes the importance of size and scale in generating returns and discusses the potential for further mergers and acquisitions in the sector. In this conversation, Steve Trauber discusses the current energy environment, the short cycle of shale, the need for energy security, the challenges of energy transition, and the importance of energy addition. He also talks about the responsibility of energy companies, the capital advantage of large energy companies, and the role of natural gas in energy transition. Steve emphasizes the spirit of entrepreneurs in the energy industry and the opportunities in energy transition. He also highlights the importance of energy education and the challenges of deal-making in the energy industry. Lastly, he discusses the need for non-anti oil and gas content and the importance of education and advocacy in the energy industry.


  • Steve Trauber has a background in banking and has worked in the energy sector for many years.

  • After retiring, Trauber returned to banking and joined Moelis, where he leads the energy group.

  • The energy industry is undergoing consolidation, and smaller companies need to find ways to scale up to remain competitive.

  • The cost of capital and the ability to generate returns are key factors in the success of energy companies. The energy environment is currently favorable, with good demand and growth in the market.

  • Shale offers the advantage of short-cycle production, allowing for quick reactions to changes in the market.

  • Energy companies have a responsibility to provide energy to the world and should focus on lowering emissions and exploring alternative energy sources.

  • Large energy companies have the capital and resources to lead in energy transition.

  • Entrepreneurs in the energy industry possess an undying spirit and a willingness to take risks.

  • Education and advocacy are crucial in promoting a better understanding of the energy industry.


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:09 Retirement and Return to Banking

10:19 Building a Strong Energy Franchise

28:31 Current State of the Energy Industry

38:24 The Current Energy Environment

39:10 The Short Cycle of Shale

39:59 The Need for Energy Security

41:17 The Challenges of Energy Transition

42:44 The Importance of Energy Addition

43:42 The Role of Different Energy Sources

45:16 The Responsibility of Energy Companies

46:15 The Capital Advantage of Large Energy Companies

47:12 The Importance of Providing Energy to the World

48:12 The Impact of Natural Gas Extraction

49:17 The Spirit of Entrepreneurs in the Energy Industry

52:10 The Role of Natural Gas in Energy Transition

53:26 The Importance of Energy Education

55:09 Opportunities in Energy Transition

59:14 The Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

01:02:03 The Challenges of Deal-Making in the Energy Industry

01:06:24 The Need for Non-Anti Oil and Gas Content

01:09:49 The Importance of Education and Advocacy in the Energy Industry

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