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PLUS: MSFT invests in LanzaJet, $15mm geothermal raise, NuBlu - CNX CNG, Generate Capital's new offering, waste-to-heat power in Ohio

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  • LanzaJet secures an investment from Microsoft's Climate Innovation Fund, further fueling the company's growth trajectory.

  • The investment aims to support the scaling and global deployment of LanzaJet's technology for producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Renewable Diesel.

  • LanzaJet's successful partnership with Microsoft includes a previous $50 million project finance investment, leading to the construction of LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels in Soperton, Georgia.

  • The new plant, opening in January 2024, will annually produce 10 million gallons of SAF and renewable diesel.

  • LanzaJet's investor portfolio boasts names like All Nippon Airways (ANA), Breakthrough Energy, British Airways, LanzaTech, Mitsui & Co., Shell, Southwest Airlines, and Suncor Energy.

  • GA Drilling secures first close of $15 million financing for deep geothermal energy

  • Investment to accelerate commercialization of geothermal technologies

  • Aims to scale renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels for baseload power

  • Investors include Nabors, Christian Oldendorff’s Family Office, alfa8, Thomas von Koch, Underground Ventures, and Neulogy Ventures

  • Technology distinguishes itself in renewable energy market for integrating into existing infrastructure and avoiding rare earth metals

  • Geothermal's potential for large-scale applications noted for secure baseload power globally

  • GA Drilling's innovations increase geographical availability of geothermal energy from 3% to over 70%

  • Exowatt launches with a $20 million seed round from a16z, Atomic, Sam Altman, and 8090 Industries to modernize data center power for the AI era

  • Introduces Exowatt P3, a modular energy platform for energy-intensive applications

  • Incorporates heat collector, heat battery, and heat engine for dispatchable power and heat

  • Stores solar energy in a thermal battery for up to 24 hours per day

  • Modules designed to fit a standard 40-foot shipping container, scalable for different project sizes

  • Exowatt's approach focuses on storing heat instead of electricity, reducing costs and dependency on rare earth materials

  • Expects to offer electricity for as low as $0.01 per kilowatt-hour, making it competitive with fossil fuels and other renewables

  • Backlog of demand for over 500 megawatts for data centers across the U.S. and plans to begin deployments later this year

  • Founded by Hannan Parvizian and Jack Abraham at Atomic, with a mission to provide low-cost sustainable energy tailored for AI and data centers.

At 8090 Industries, we have long been active in standing up and fortifying new, paradigm shifting forms of baseload renewable power. However, the boom in generative AI has catapulted the energy demand needed to power our data centers.

In response, we are thrilled to be an investor in Exowatt as it pioneers a new reality towards energy that costs $0.01 per kWh, and is available 24 hours a day. Exowatt’s  3-in-one modular system delivers baseload renewable power, industrial-grade heat and energy storage that can be dispatched and deployed to a wide range of commercial, industrial applications and sites. The company already has a backlog of demand for over 500 MW to power data centers across the U.S. and plans to begin deployments later this year. 

Rayyan Islam, Co-Founder & General Partner, 8090 Industries

  • NuBlu Energy and CNX Resources collaborate on CNG & LNG tech solutions

  • ZeroHP CNG eliminates mechanical compressors, reducing capital and operating costs

  • ZeroHP CNG uses Geobaric Energy™ for decentralized clean CNG production

  • Clean mLNG leverages Geobaric Energy and methane-only refrigeration for cost-effective small-scale LNG

  • Solutions aim to lower carbon footprint, offer rapid deployment, and displace traditional fuels

  • Generate Capital expands its Infrastructure-as-a-Service Customer Solutions Platform

  • Incorporates key elements of Alturus to enhance customer offerings

  • Focus on helping customers save money, increase efficiency, and decarbonize operations

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service enables rapid decarbonization with no upfront capital investment

  • Generate has been a leader in providing these solutions for multinational and municipal partners

  • Programs offer energy, emissions, and cost savings scalable across facilities and geographies from traditional energy conservation to complex efficiency initiatives.

  • Tallgrass, Kanin Energy, University of Dayton, and AES Ohio partner for waste heat to power project

  • Project aims to reduce University of Dayton's carbon footprint by 71%

  • First waste heat application of this scale in the U.S. for nearly a decade

  • Collaboration provides teaching and research opportunities in clean energy

  • Project construction in Fayette County, Ohio, to begin later this year and expected in-service date 4Q 2025

  • Tallgrass to construct, own, and operate the facility, connecting to Rockies Express Pipeline

  • Partnership focused on delivering immediate results for the community

  • AES Ohio to purchase power solely for the University of Dayton, supporting local reliability

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