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PLUS: SD CCS bills, Climeworks carbon removal, DOE's $425mm, Partners VSB sale, EDP-Rondo, O2 Power for sale

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  • South Dakota legislature passed a package of bills, known as the "Landowner Bill of Rights," to facilitate carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) pipeline projects.

  • Three bills were passed: Senate Bill 201, House Bill 1185, and House Bill 1186.

  • The bills set guidelines and statutes of limitations on easement agreements for carbon capture projects in South Dakota.

  • The South Dakota Farm Bureau and state corn growers and soybean associations praised the bills for delivering landowner protections, property tax relief, and preserving local zoning.

  • Senate Bill 201 collects payments from CO2 pipeline companies at the county level for property tax relief.

  • HB 1185 establishes processes for landowners to be informed and compensated for access by companies for surveying and siting.

  • HB 1186 sets easement standards for CO2 pipeline planning projects in South Dakota.

  • Guidelines include minimum pipeline depth, repair policy for drain tile damage, liability protection, indemnification of landowners, and more.

  • Summit Carbon Solutions is the remaining CCS company with plans to construct a major pipeline through South Dakota, expressing gratitude for the passage of the bills.

  • Iowa Renewable Fuels Association sees the bills as providing an equitable path forward for carbon capture projects.

  • SWISS and Lufthansa Group partner with Climeworks for long-term carbon removal agreement.

  • The partnership aims to scale up carbon removal efforts to combat global warming and ensure sustainable aviation.

  • SWISS plans to neutralize hard-to-abate emissions and offer customers the chance to contribute to carbon removal.

  • The agreement extends until 2030 with options for future collaboration and additional carbon removal purchases.

  • Direct air capture is seen as crucial for achieving global net zero emissions by 2050.

  • SWISS is already using sustainable aviation fuel and plans to include Climeworks' carbon removal service in its sustainability offerings.

  • EQT announces acquisition of Equitrans Midstream for $5.5 billion (all-stock), forming a vertically integrated natural gas company

  • All-stock transaction with combined enterprise value surpassing $35 billion

  • Acquisition provides over 2,000 miles of pipeline infrastructure, aligning with EQT's core operations

  • Expected reduction in EQT's long-term corporate free cash flow breakeven to less than $2 per MMBtu

  • Anticipated annual synergies of $250 million, with potential upside to over $425 million

  • Transaction creates America's first large-scale integrated natural gas producer, offering low-cost structure and exposure to natural gas prices

  • EQT to own approximately 74% of the combined company, Equitrans shareholders to own approximately 26%

Consolidation continues. upstream-upstream, midstream-midstream and now upstream-midstream. Am reminded of this quote:

there are “only two ways to make money in business: one is to bundle; the other is unbundle.”

Jim Barksdale, former CEO of Netscape
  • The Administration allocates $425 million to decarbonize and manufacture clean energy products in former coal communities.

  • The funding, part of the Investing in America agenda, aims to create good-paying manufacturing jobs, build clean energy supply chains, and reduce industrial emissions.

  • Managed by the Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC), the Advanced Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program supports small and medium-sized manufacturers in current and former coal communities.

  • This initiative, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), builds on previous successful investments in 2023.

  • The program prioritizes two investment themes: Clean Energy Manufacturing and Recycling, and Industrial Decarbonization.

  • Projects must occur in communities affected by coal mine or coal-fired power plant closures since specific dates.

  • Partners Group is considering options, including a potential sale, for German renewable energy company VSB Group.

  • Financial advisers have been interviewed, and the sale process could commence in the second quarter.

  • The potential sale could value VSB at up to $2 billion including debt, according to sources.

  • Interest in the renewable energy sector remains high despite a recent drop in asset values, driven by EU renewable energy targets.

  • VSB is likely to attract interest from infrastructure funds and utilities if a sale proceeds.

  • Encavis AG recently announced talks with KKR regarding a potential transaction.

  • Partners Group initially invested in VSB in 2020, and the company operates in multiple countries.

  • Partners Group decided to sell VSB instead of merging it with Exus, another renewables firm it acquired in October.

  • Investment firms EQT AB and Temasek are selling their Indian renewables venture, O2 Power.

  • They've enlisted Barclays to handle the auction for O2 Power.

  • O2 Power was established in 2020 to deploy over 4 GW of renewable power capacity.

  • It could be valued at USD 2.5 billion to USD 3 billion, considering its complete project pipeline.

  • Currently, O2 Power has 1.8 GW of operational solar and wind assets, expected to reach 2 GW soon.

  • Global infrastructure funds and energy companies might show interest in acquiring O2 Power.

  • EDP and Rondo Energy form partnership for industrial heat decarbonization

  • Aim to provide renewable energy-powered heat to European industries

  • EDP to develop 400 MW of wind and solar projects to power 2 GWh of Rondo Heat Battery installations

  • Rondo Heat Batteries convert intermittent electric power into continuous high-temperature heat

  • Joint solution offers 24/7 renewable heat and power supply contracts

  • Rondo's technology enables deep industrial decarbonization and grid stabilization

  • EDP, with 16 GWs of wind and solar deployed globally, pledges to be 100% green by 2030

  • Cooperation began through EDP's Free Electrons cleantech engagement program

  • Partnership addresses the 15% of world CO2 emissions from industrial heat

  • Repowering industrial heat with renewables presents a 7TW opportunity and can cut GHG emissions by 20%

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